Residential & Commercial Interior Design & Joinery

The Sellers Room has a team of approx 15, including husband and wife owners Myles and Margarette who assiduously cater for all aspects of residential and commercial projects.

A New Zealand company, The Sellers Room is sought after for residential development across the top of the South Island, and is consistently engaged for commercial projects around New Zealand. Ranging from office design, retail fitouts, restaurant and bars, including project managing & joinery. Our measure of success is our ability to consistently deliver on these core competencies. From experience, we know that all else flows from them.

That's also why we stand by our word of a LIFETIME guarantee on all hardware items. We absolutely love what we do, and we value your decision to consider our expertise for your project.

Passion and Sustainability

Our client vision includes sustainability. The Sellers Room always looks for product durability, innovation and longevity. This directs us to work closely with leading national and international suppliers who share our commitment to the environment and who produce their quality products through innovative design and ecologically sensitive processes. We value each of our clients and we are grateful you consider our commercial interior designer’s expertise for your undertaking.

More than this, our products and services are a cut above the rest because we love what we do.

A Team You Can Trust

We employ some of South Island’s most skilled and reliable interior designers in Nelson and with the passion that runs in our team, always bring out the best in all of our commercial and residential projects around New Zealand. Whether you want an update in your office design or need kitchen designers for your restaurant, we can give you what you want.

Warm regards, Myles & Margarette


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